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Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners PTAC units

New Construction Models 42 x 16

ECO AIR INC. Service & Labor Rate Card for PTAC Systems:

Refrigeration cycle:

Replace Compressor 4 Hours Billable
Replace High Pressure Switch: 3 Hours Billable
Replace Low Pressure Switch: 3 Hours Billable
Replace Reversing Valve: 4 Hours Billable
Replace Filter Dryer: 3 Hours Billable
Replace TXV: 4 Hours Billable
Replace Evaporator Coil: 4 Hours Billable
Repair Leak in Tubing: 3 Hours Billable
Repair Leak at capillary tube: 3 Hours Billable
Repair Leak at TXV or Distributor: 4 Hours Billable


Replace Control Board: 2 Hours Billable
Replace Compressor Contactor: 2 Hours Billable
Replace Solenoid Actuator: 2 Hours Billable
Replace Transformer: 2 Hours Billable
Replace Evaporator Fan Relay: 2 Hours Billable
Replace Evaporator Fan Contactor: 2 Hours Billable
Replace Thermostat: 2 Hours Billable
Replace Run Capacitor: 2 Hours Billable
Replace Start Capacitor: 2 Hours Billable
Replace Evaporator Fan Motor & Wheel: 3 Hours Billable

Amount of Hours needed for repairs & or installation of replacement parts include:

Initial service visit & diagnoses of machine including testing of all modes, functions & operations.
Repairs on existing electrical wiring, parts & or installation of new parts.
Startup repaired unit in all modes and test for proper operations.

Service Call Rates: $195 for the first Hour, $95 each additional hour during normal business hours
Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Excludes weekends & holidays.
Includes unit(s) diagnose and or repaired.
All repairs are covered under a 6 month limited labor warranty.
Parts, material, supplies are additional and will be quoted & billed separately.

Emergency Service call rates outside of normal business hours: $295 for the first hour $145 each additional hour. Excludes Legal Holidays.
Management Company, Customer & or Owner to coordinate for access to equipment.

Authorized service company in NYC.

Replacement Units various sizes

Preventative Maintenance Options:

Basic PTAC Cleaning includes:

Replacement of existing filter,

Vacuum any debris inside and around the indoor room enclosure.

Vacuum Evaporator coil, condenser coil as well as condenser housing section.

Blow out & remove debris or obstructions in condensate drain line & pan

Installing condensate water tablets into drain canal to help break down future build ups and obstructions.

Check all wiring and parts for any loose connections, rattling or noise.

Perform Start up in each mode.

Rate: $195 for the first unit, $95 each adittional unit.

Deluxe PTAC Cleaning includes:

All Services within Basic Cleaning as well as,

Removing  PTAC unit from wall sleeve to bring to a location onsite to wash PTAC unit.

Treating the Evaporator & Condenser coil with cleaner solution.

Re installation of washed unit.

This option is highly recommended as it helps with the removal of mold, mildew, & built up grime inside the machine.

Rate: $195 per unit.

* If there is no location onsite within the building to perform this service, additional charges will apply to pick up PTAC units & bring to Eco Air Service department, as well as re delivery to job site after cleaning is performed.*.